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Dark Side of the Moon?

15 May

Wonklifebalance sat down to write a blog about the fact that May 15th was UN International Day of the Family – and yet we don’t seem to have heard much about it.  All the more of a shame, as this year’s theme is work-family balance.  In his message, The UN Secretary General reminded us how lucky many of us are, in that the consequences of a lack of decent childcare are rather worse elsewhere: Affordable quality childcare is rarely available in developing countries, where many parents are forced to leave their preschool children home alone. Many young children are also left in the care of older siblings who, in turn, are pulled from school’. He also noted that ‘Flexible working arrangements, including staggered working hours, compressed work schedules or telecommuting’ are an important part of making work-family balance more attainable, enhancing both working conditions and gender equality.  Amen to that.

However, my attention was diverted by a story that David Cameron has chosen Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd as his favourite album – and all of a sudden the International Family Day seemed too much like the day job, when I could be writing about music instead.  So in an attempt to put the life back into work-life balance and to take up William Hague’s advice that we should all ‘work harder’, it seemed appropriate to write a dual purpose blog.  My first thought on reading of our Prime Minister’s musical preference was that it was just as well he didn’t choose Pink Floyd’s Animals, what with the ‘club tie and the firm handshake, A certain look in the eye and an easy smile’ – aficionados will know it only gets worse from there.  Then, having read a piece in the Telegraph about how he may have demurred from nominating The Smiths album The Queen is Dead, because of the Diamond Jubilee, I wondered what other titles may capture the Zeitgheist.  It’s probably a bit obscure for him, but a niche choice could have been P.M. Dawn, Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross which moves between Notting Hill and the Rose Garden, in the refrain How does it feel to be one of the beautiful? to the ‘less good days’ in Government (Reality used to be a friend of mine).  Several other possibilities crossed my mind, but on the day Rebekah Brooks was charged, and with the Jubilee just round the corner, I realised there could only be one choice: Queen, News of the World.




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