Dressing like a wife? I wasn’t aware there was a uniform …

13 Jun

Kate Moss has grabbed the headlines by asserting that she would not wish to ‘dress like a wife’ – and that were she to do so her husband would go ‘mental’.  Like Tim Vine’s  joke about crime in multi-storey car parks, this comment seems to me to be wrong – on so many levels …

What does it mean to ‘dress like a wife’?  Having been one for well into a second decade, I have to say I have no idea.  Some of my best friends are wives: all of us dress differently.  Personal taste, income, body shape, how much importance we place on appearance, all these make a difference to how we look, but the one thing I’ve never thought of anyone I know is ‘ooh I can really tell her marital status by the clothes she’s wearing’.  What, I am fascinated to know, is the look for the long-term cohabitee this season?  Is it distinguished by ring alone, or is there a secret code I have yet to unlock, not being an obsessive fashionista?

Meanwhile, whilst pondering this conundrum, I went to get a drink from the kitchen, thereby passing by my spouse (in T-shirt and checked ‘chillaxing’ trousers – this week’s look for careless husbands perhaps?) and he happened to say ‘You look nice’.  Appallingly enough, I’m in a checked shirt (happily worn over my stretch jeans) and last year’s sandals, this morning’s make-up a distant memory. Trust me, even as the Daily Mail exhorts you to dress for dinner, it’s quite nice to know, that you, rather than your outfit, are still worth sticking around for.


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