A thinking woman’s guide to Samantha Brick

5 Apr

Wonklifebalance imagines a parallel universe where Samantha Brick wrote about brains, not beauty:

‘I’m no Einstein, but I’m bright, witty and can turn various theories into concise newspaper articles within a few keystrokes.  And whenever I’ve asked how come my ideas have got into print, my colleagues have always said the same thing: my amazing brain power and way with words made their day.

But there are downsides to being this clever – women hate me for no other reason than the way I think.  You may be slamming the door of your spa retreat in my face as you commune over Heat, not Hegel.

And I don’t realise how vulnerable men are.  It’s hard when everyone resents you for your brains.  Men think ‘she’s out of my league and probably frigid anyway’. And no-one wants to hang out with someone more intellectual than they are.

So now I’m in my forties and probably one of the very few women glad to read recently that the first signs of dementia can come on as early as 45. Finally people might stop judging me for my cleverness and just accept me for who I am.’ ……….


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