Jam-boree tomorrow?

16 Jan

It is perhaps not surprising that the man who gave us ‘free schools’ should today be advocating a ‘gift’ of a yacht from us taxpayers to say thank you to the Queen for ruling over us for 60 years.  A ‘free school’, is of course not ‘free’ at all: rather it is a mechanism whereby taxpayers’ money is used to fragment state education further by allowing any interested group to apply to run a local school, supposedly responsive to the particular needs of a given area.  And the teachers don’t even need to be conventionally qualified – ‘savings all round!’ I hear you cry.  Similarly a ‘gift’ is not a gift when it is chosen by government and paid for by you and me with no input as to what form it takes or how much we would like to spend on it.  I wonder if there are plans to call it the ‘Ship of State’? If it gets through without protest, the ‘Ship of Fools’ might be a better choice.

As if the suggestion of buying a yacht in these straitened times is not bad enough, Gove goes on to argue in his letter to Jeremy Hunt and Nick Clegg that the Queen’s Jubilee should not be overshadowed by the London Olympics in our hearts, minds or pockets.  Perish the thought.  They should change Hunt’s title to Minister for Bread and Circuses and be done with it.


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